FAQ 목록

Q11   I cannot understand the meaning of "the start page of body." Please explain it in easier way.
Start page is the value to match the page of contents to the physical page of actual document. For example, most contents usually shows the 'Introduction' is on the page 1, but if you actually count the page from the cover, then you may find that 'Introduction' is on the page 9. In this case, the start page of the body is 9.
You can consider that the start page of the body is physical page number matched to the first page of the dissertation file.

Q12   After entering contents (bookmark), run preview then the structure of contents is messed up. How can I correct this?
The contents (bookmark) are inserted into the PDF file to use the full-text conveniently. It is a tree type with superordinate and subordinate structure. Each subordinate structure is created, add one space before each item of the contents.

1. Large scale item
㉾1.1. Medium scale item
㉾㉾1.1.1. Small scale item

At this time, if you make two and three spaces, or two and four spaces, the contents tree structure will not be made properly. Be sure to make one space to create each item.

Q13   The cover page is made by Word, and the body is made by Hangeul. Is this okay to submit?
Even though they are made by different word processor, there will be no problem with the submission and service.

Q14   About the Hangeul program version
Hangeul 98 file cannot be converted into PDF file. Upload Hangeul 2002 or higher version file.

Q15   How can I handle images in the original file?
Do not link the image in the original file. Be sure to include images in the document. In case of Hangeul program, if the image is linked, it will be disappeared when converted into PDF file.
Since there is no link function in Word program, you can submit it as is.

Q16   Does the size of original file affect the uploading?
The maximum size of file to be uploaded successfully is 20MB.
If the file size is big, divide the file not exceeding 20MB each to upload them.

Q17   The file size is too big to upload the file due to images.
Open the Hangeul file and find the image and click the image with the right mouse button and select [Save as picture]. Enter file name on the 'save as' window, and select JPG as file type to save. After saving the picture, delete the original image and paste the JPG image to the original place by using insert picture function. If you replace the image in this way, the total size of file will be shrunken.

Q18   When can I print the confirmation and license agreement?
After the administrator confirms and approves whether the dissertation is successfully uploaded online, the confirmation and license agreement can be printed.
If there are too many submitters, it may take one day. Please submit it online with sufficient time.

Q19   Which menu can I check out and print the confirmation and license agreement ?
If you log in to the dCollection site and click "Submission list" menu on the right upper area, then you can view the dissertation, confirmation and license agreement.

Q20   Where can I check out the stautus dissertation process?
If you log in to the dCollection site and click the "Submission list" menu on the right upper area, you can see the process status of the submitted dissertation.